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Quality and Environment

Quality and Environment

SIM’s quality strategy is based on the continuous satisfaction of client’s requirements, through guaranteeing an ongoing quality, viability of products, and full optimization of processes and efficiencies.

Quality and Environment
Quality and Environment
Quality and Environment

Our Quality and Environmental Policy is expressed by the performance of the following targets:


1. Assure an ever-continuous improvement on the Company’s  performance by the engagement of all workers.


2. Assure the manufacture of products with no defects, following the written specifications and regulations put in law and the complete respect the Environmental cause.


3. Keep Quality level standard by guaranteeing supplies from certified and high top classified suppliers providing thus, reliability and satisfaction to customers’ demands.


4. Maintenance and promotion of the Integrated System of Quality and Environment.


5. Promote peoples’ commitment to a high level of quality production and the prevention against pollution through by:

  • Optimize the solids residues separation;
  • Implementation of operative procedures;
  • Reduce fabrication timings;
  • Improvement of gains profits rate from operative methods;
  • Training.
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